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01 Limestone Caves

Perak is well known for its “Tong temple”, which means Cave temple in Chinese. Perak Tong Temple, Sam Poh Tong Temple and Kek LokTong Temple are fame by its natural limestone. Incense smoke spiral around the statue of the deities giving the temples a mythical aura. Tempurung cave, which is one of the largest limestone caves in Peninsular Malaysia. You will be impressed by its wondrous rock formations. For the more adventurous, expect thrilling moments, have lots of fun crawling through holes and sliding down slippery stones! You can also enjoy the beautiful sight of the greenery outside the cave.

02 Panglima Lane

Also known as “Concubine Lane”. Before the Japanese occupation, the town houses were renowned for opium, gambling and brothels. The lane later developed into a residential area where the concubines of rich Chinese tycoons were reputedly kept. Today, there are still people living in the old houses and it is also a famous place for the photographers!

03 F.M.S. bar & Restaurant

It is reputed to be the oldest bar & restaurant in Malaysia. A good place for a dinner with the collection of old furniture, historical artifacts and fixtures!

04 Leaning Clock Tower

The tower is one of the most curious landmarks in Perak and is very similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. The pagoda-like structure has a leftward slant and stands at 25.5m.

05 Kellie’s Castle

It was built by a Scottish planter called William Kellie Smith. This never completed mansion became history after the death of Smith in his short trip to Portugal. Come and amidst in the mysterious atmosphere and search for the legendary tunnel!

06 Waterfalls

Perak has its eastern state boundary in mountainous area. There are many ideal places for relaxing dips with its surrounding rocky outcrops and landscape.

07 Pomelo

A type of citrus fruit with the size of a football that is well-known for its juiciness and tart taste. Ipoh Pomelo is always being associated with Ipoh girls who have been hired by some stall owners to attract customers. This is a worth-to-see phenomenon in Ipoh.

08 Bean sprouts chicken

Some said “Think Bean sprouts chicken; think Ipoh”! Hence, travel Kaki will definitely find you a best place to taste this appetizing dish.

09 Ipoh White Coffee

Origin from Ipoh; coffee beans are roasted with palm-oil margarine and brewed to produce intense aroma and pure coffee taste. Having a cup of Ipoh white coffee helps to relax after a long day of travelling.

10 Ipoh Sar Hor Fun

It is silky-smooth flat rice noodles served in a clear chicken soup. Another favourites dish for everyone!

11 Dim Sum

You may have to fight to get yourself a seat! This is the best scenario to describe how popular is the Dim Sum in Ipoh! A traditional chinese cuisine that serve with variety of choices. Piping hot steamed dishes in porcelain bowls and metal plates placed in the steamer for you to choose from.

12 Open air hawker centre

Follow the footsteps of Travel Kaki to discover the real happening open air hawker centre in Ipoh! Grilled fish, Satey, Char Kuey Teow, Prawn noodle and staggering variety are waiting for you!

Travel Kaki Special

Drive-Thru “Tao Fu Fah”

Just sit back in the car and order your  soya bean jelly and soya bean juice. You will be served shortly afterwards.