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01 A’Famosa Fortress

After the Portuguese colonized Melaka, they built A’Famosa as a fortress to defend themselves. Unfortunately, the Porta de Santiago, a small gate house is the only remaining part of the fortress after suffered severe destruction during the Dutch invasion.

02 Churches

St. Peter church qualifies as the oldest Catholic Church in Malaysia and still serves resident worshippers of the Catholic faith.

The sight of the ruins called St. Paul Church can be seen on the summit of the hill. It was originally a Portuguese chapel and took over by the Dutch who renamed ‘St. Paul Church’ from Portuguese ‘Our Lady of the Hill’.
St. Francis Xavier church, a Gothic-towered church constructed by a French priest, Father Farve in honour of St. Francis Xavier (also known as ‘Apostle of the East’). It still serves its function as a Catholic church to present day.
Christ church featuring Dutch-flavoured architectural design and painted in coral red with huge white cross in the middle. It is the most distinguished one among the adjacent buildings. This oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia was once converted for Anglican use during British occupation.

03 Jonker Street

A must visit destination to discover Melaka culture in the most interesting way. You can spend whole day in this narrow street in Chinatown buying souvenirs and having good food. During Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you can experience the street differently as there will be night market along the street.

04 Trishaws

Melaka trishaws are works of art, adorned with flowers and equipped with sound system – they are colourfully decorated. Usually they can be found at the Dutch square and in front of the Christ Church lining up offering service to drive you around the town.

05 Baba Nyonya

Chinese descendants who have adopted much of the Malay cultures and customs into theirs when the Chinese emigrated from China married the local females centuries ago. This is a distinctive cultural heritage in Melaka that you will not miss. Baba Nyonya cuisine is also one of our highly recommended finger licking dish!

06 Satay celup

Travel Kaki will bring you to indulge this delicacy made up of assortment of raw and semi-cooked seafood, meat and vegetables on skewers that are dunked into boiling pot of aromatically rich and spicy peanut sauce.

07 Chicken rice ball

This savoury dish is a Melaka must-eat signature food that is served using rice shaped into ping pong size ball together with either roasted or steamed chicken.

08 Cendol

Melaka’s cendol has been reckoned to be the best in the country for this Malaysia-wide favourite shaved ice dessert. This icy-sweet treat also helps travellers to cool themselves from the scorching hot temperature in Melaka.

09 Portuguese Grilled Fish

This absolute delicious and spicy cuisine is a dish of fish or other form of seafood grilled over charcoal. Order you choice of seafood and have it grilled after being topped by spicy gravy and wrapped by a aromatic banana leave. “Hottest” food in Melaka!

Travel Kaki special

Uncover the Cockles in the small alley